4 Weeks to Balance & Bliss: Nourish Your Body to Balance Your Hormones

2 (90 minute) coaching sessions  w/ Health Coach Jessica Suchan

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  • Jess is a board certified Holistic Health Coach who will help you make small but attainable changes that will add up to long-term results free from restrictions, binges and guilt!

  • Intention & goal setting, one-on-one coaching support, Q & A

  • Learn what it means to practice balance and which foods to eat to nourish your hormones --no calorie or maco tracking, weighing or measuring allowed!

  • Pre and post session worksheets

  • Support and accountability in a group coaching environment

  • Discounts on Jess's favorite health and wellness brands


"I learned so much from Body Bliss by Jess. I thought I knew a lot about sugars and foods, it wasn’t until meeting Jess, I became so much more knowledgeable and aware of my health and what I’m consuming. I feel so much more energized and good from both the inside and out!"  ~Beatriz A.

"I’ve been taking medication for anxiety and acid reflux. I was feeling a bit trapped with depending on medication to feel better and gaining weight was definitely one of the side affects.  For the past two months, I have stopped taking my acid reflux pills. I’ve also been able to sleep throughout the night, and those cravings for sweets and starchy food has gone out the window. Due to anxiety, my active lifestyle was limited, but having gone through this program I’ve been able to set goals, and it feels GREAT to see results without spending every minute at the gym. I love knowing my love for food can continue, and not planning my life around specific diet plans." ~Sarah A.


1 (60 minute) session w/ hormone health expert Candace Burch of Your Hormone Balance

  • Candace Burch is the founder of Your Hormone Balance and a hormone health expert with over 30 years in the field. She has worked with thousands of women to help them get back in balance using a completely holistic approach!

  • Learn the most common symptoms of hormonal imbalance and how they can sabotage your best efforts to release weight, feel energized, boost your libido and live the life you know you deserve!

  • Get educated on how to nourish your body to heal your hormones and what it means to really get to the root of the symptoms you’re experiencing. There is a way to get balanced and this is a great first step in getting there!

  • Sample interpretation of saliva test results w/ analysis and recommendations (foods, lifestyle, natural herbs and supplements)

  • 15 minute Q&A following session

  • Downloadable educational PDF’s and slides

  • Special promo codes and pricing on all hormone test kit packages

1 (45 minute) session w/ Lauren Brieding of Detox Me Tuesday

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  • Lauren is passionate about connecting people with brands that are innovative and create products that are better for you and our planet. Detox Me Tuesday is about helping others make safer choices in the home one item at a time.

  • From your skincare to your cleaning supplies, you’ll learn how these products can alter your hormones and why switching to safer products really matters!

  • Through simple education and sharing some of her favorite brands, you will gain knowledge about the importance of lowering your toxic load and how to do it one product at a time

  • 15 minute Q&A following session

  • Downloadable guide and simple steps to take to make a switch to safer!

  • Special pricing on Lauren’s most popular packages + promo codes to use on her favorite non-toxic products

1 (45 minute) session w/ Candice Puthawala, creator of Beauty Bar Chocolate

  • Candice is a certified plant-based chef and wellness expert who quit her 19 year career in the fashion industry after developing adrenal fatigue, candida, inflammation, thyroid issues and anxiety. She shifted her lens to focus on beauty from the inside out and finally began to heal naturally.

  • Some of Candice’s major healers became the release of sugar from her diet, the addition of adaptogens and the embrace of collagen. When she began her quest for the perfect sugar-free chocolate bar and couldn’t find what she was looking for, Candice created her dream Beauty Bar instead.

  • Learn Candice’s top tips for how to glow from the inside out, heal your adrenal fatigue and and enjoy the euphoric effect of delicious, and healthy chocolate!

  • Exclusive promo code on Beauty Bar Chocolates + a free gift!

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Early Bird Rate (June 9th- August 1st) : $199 

Regular Rate (After August 1st): $249

**No refunds on group coaching courses