4 Weeks to Balance & Bliss: New Year, 2.0 You!

Do you make the same new year's resolutions every year? The first few days, weeks and even months are inspiring and exciting but as life kicks in and the motivation wears off, you feel like your resolution becomes something you have to do and the guilt starts to creep in. I HEAR you because I've been YOU…multiple times. And you know what I figured out? A resolution usually requires giving something up or doing something you don’t want to i.e. lose 10lbs by X date, stop drinking coffee, workout one hour every day . But none of that is fun, exciting or motivating longterm and hence, it doesn't last...that's why I've created my new group coaching course 4 Weeks to Balance & BlissNEW YEAR, 2.0 YOU!

This 4 week program is your chance to set your intentions and REALLY visualize how you want to feel physically, emotionally and hormonally so that you can create a vision that you are so excited about, you are actually PULLED towards it!  We'll work in a group setting to take real steps in helping you get there...

It's not about becoming a NEW you because you are FAB just as you are but it is about stepping into that 2.0 version of yourself....the version of you that is happier, energized and more confident in your own skin! 

You’ll get insider insights, expert advice and support from the comfort of your couch and your peers in a live group setting!

What you get with your course:  

1 (90 minute) coaching session w/ Health Coach Jess Suchan

Jess is a board certified Holistic Health Coach who will help you make small but attainable changes that will add up to long-term results free from restrictions, binges and guilt!

Jess headshots.jpg
  • Learn how to trade New Year’s Resolutions for Intentions in a way that excites and motivates you!

  • Personalized coaching support and accountability in an intimate virtual setting

  • Dive deep into the power of visualization when it comes to reaching your goals and stepping into that 2.0 version of yourself!

  • Post-session worksheets and reflection

  • Surprise giveaways and discounts on Jess's favorite health and wellness brands

    The group coaching sessions were an unexpected highlight of my week! When I signed up I was not sure what to expect but was worried it was going to be something that felt like a school assignment - I could not have been more wrong! The other girls in the course have been so welcoming and inspiring.  I honestly look forward to each live session. The way that Jess participates with her own journey furthers the feeling of these sessions being a safe place to share and learn.  ~Allison H. 

1 (75 minute) session w/ Candace Burch of Your Hormone Balance


Candace Burch is the founder of Your Hormone Balance and a hormone health expert with over 30 years in the field. She has worked with thousands of women to help them get back in balance using a completely holistic approach! And most recently, she has been a guest on podcasts such as Almost 30, The Lady Gang and The Skinny Confidential.

  • Learn the most common symptoms of hormonal imbalance and how they can sabotage your best efforts to release weight, feel energized, regulate your cycle and get to feeling the way you SO deserve!

  • Uncover what it means to get to the root of the symptoms you’re dealing with and how to take achievable steps to get back in balance all naturally

  • Candace will reveal some of her top lifestyle tips and tricks that you can take with you and implement right away!

  • Sample interpretation of saliva test results w/ analysis and recommendations (foods, lifestyle, natural herbs and supplements)

  • 15 minute Q&A following session

  • Special promo codes and pricing on all hormone test kit packages

1 (90 minute) workshop w/ coach Jess & sister, Rye Burch of SOLO (sheonlylivesonce.com) and Your Hormone Balance

  • Rye Burch is the co-founder of Your Hormone Balance and founder of SOLO, an online empowerment guide for women (coming soon)! As an integral member of the family business, Rye is Jess’s sister and Candace’s daughter!

  • Rye is an advocate for the power of journaling and self-expression when it comes to paving the way for the life you really want. She is a believer in taking risks to go after the things that light you up inside…beyond just a good salary or the “perfect body!”

  • Rye and Jess have both taken major leaps in their careers, battled persistent health issues and body image expectations, and have found passion and purpose in helping women find their most blissful selves, free from negative self-talk, abundant stress and unrealistic expectations!

  • Together, the sisters will guide you through a simple yet powerful journaling exercise which will help you set the tone for a new year filled with opportunities!

1 (60 minute) session w/ Intuitive Fitness Expert, Kaitlin Boggs of Avocado Athletes!


Kaitlin is a Yoga Sculpt Instructor at Corepower Yoga and works full time in marketing for an all-natural skincare company. She started her Instagram page @avocadoathletes to share her personal story and her mission of "intuitive exercise" to help others find balance with eating, fitness, stress management and beyond!

  • In your session together, Kaitlin will open up about her health and fitness journey which started as a young girl and progressed to a very restrictive eating disorder in college as a result to a very traumatic life experience. In seeking help, she started to gain weight back and loosened the control over her diet but in doing this she craved more. In her own words: “control is the problem for any disordered behavior. We often seek an unhealthy amount of control over one area of our lives when another area feels out of control. “

  • In searching for control in another “healthy” outlet, Kaitlin soon became a serial over- exerciser and didn't take a single rest day in two years- unless forced by an illness. In January 2017 her “body broke.” She developed severe adrenal fatigue and was forced to stop all exercise. This turned her world upside down and everything had to change in order for her to heal.

  • You will learn Kaitlin’s intuitive approach to exercise and how to apply it in your own life to find balance and take your health & happiness to 2.0!

1 (30 minute) session with Jess featuring (30 minute) Q&A with Personal Stylist, Catherine Sheppard of The Life Styled!


Catherine is a fashion stylist and creator of The Life Styled, a destination for fashion tips, and personal styling services for women (and men) across the country. Her career started in 2008, when she moved from NY to LA in the beginning of the recession. With no jobs to be had, she took it as a sign that it was time to get real about her goals, leave the career in entertainment marketing that she wasn’t passionate about, and start her own business doing what she loved most - helping people discover their personal style and feel like the best version of themselves! Catherine is certified in Fashion Feng Shui and has a unique, holistic philosophy that she can’t wait to share with all of you!

Catherine says that she loves working with her clients to create a wardrobe that makes them feel confident and well dressed, ready to take on whatever life throws at them. Whether it's an errand as simple as dropping your kids off at school or those all-too-rare nights out with your girlfriends, she wholeheartedly believes that every woman deserves to feel amazing in her clothes!

  • You’ll start with a discussion with Jess centered around what fashion, style and “fitting in” really means to you as a woman. We’ll dive into the importance of finding confidence in your own skin at any stage and how the way you dress your body can play a major role in how you show up in life!

  • Jess will conduct a 30 minute Q&A with Catherine centered around her unique philosophy that “when you are honoring your authentic core self and your goals through what you wear, it’s like "fashion fireworks. The world knows it, and more importantly, you know it!”

  • Learn about Catherine’s amazing 5 step process to honoring your authentic core-self and how you can use it in your 2.0 lifestyle!

What else do you get with your course?

Recorded sessions to access at any time

Private Facebook support group for motivation, support and accountability

Custom Pinterest boards filled with suggested products and recipes

Worksheets for intention and goal setting

Exclusive promo codes, discounts and educational materials

Bonus gifts + surprise giveaways!


"4 Weeks to Balance and Bliss with Jess was such an amazing experience and 100% worth the investment of time and money! I can honestly say that during my two months with Jess, I took care of myself personally and brought more self care into my life than I had in a long time! I really felt a connection with the other women and was amazed at all of the love that came with being a part of the group! Since the August and September courses, I have been able to sustain some of those self care habits, grow my photography business (NO JOKE thanks to Jess and this course), and get back to my creative hobbies that I had been missing over the course of the last year! I cannot say enough nice things about Jess! She truly cares so much about every single individual in the group and you really do receive 1 on 1 coaching and support! I learned an incredible amount about so many life topics and I can't wait to see what's in store for the next course!"  ~Gracie W.

It’s hard to know where to begin when talking about Jess’s program. Jess brings so much light and positivity to everything she does and her group coaching is no different. She is so good at bringing women together and making sure they are able to learn and grow together. She knows that everyone’s time is valuable, so she does a great job at packing in each session with as much information as possible. This sounds cliché, but my life is so much better because I found Jess and have had her as a personal health coach and a group health coach. I would 10/10 recommend Jess’s private and group coaching!! ~Beck B.

Stepping up to take control and action for wellness is one of the best and healthiest choices you can make. Jess has a magical way of making you see the world of food in a new light. She is a wonderful support system for someone who is trying to challenge the way they look at eating, body image and exercise. After years of restrictive diets, I decided to try something different.  Jessica provided useful methods, ideas and tangible plans to help me change my thoughts and goals about nutrition. Her style is one of balancing your need for accountability with smart and creative solutions bringing in all different techniques to keep you going. Working with Jess allowed me to re-evaluate my journey with food. You always feel she’s on your side, which is the best boost to your confidence to succeed. All of these combine to set her apart and make her unique among weight loss coaches. She is highly recommended, and it will be the best investment you’ll make in yourself and your health. Jessica is kind, thoughtful and supportive. Why wouldn’t anyone want to enhance his or her life and attitude towards food? She has helped me to approach eating in a positive, relaxed way. ~Sarah A.

Early Bird Rate (Before January 1st): $199 

Regular Rate (After January 1st): $249

**No refunds on group coaching courses