Ready for Your Sexy Sugar Cleanse?

It’s no secret that sugar is straight up addicting! Did you know that there are over 600,000 food products in the American food industry and 80% of them contain added sugar? That means that despite your best efforts to control sugar intake you are likely still consuming LOTS of it via all of the sneaky ways it’s added to products like in sauces, salad dressings, crackers and even gluten-free bread! 

So what are the benefits of a sugar cleanse?

  • Curbs Intense Sugar Cravings— the kind that drive you crazy, lead you to overeat, and keep you on the blood sugar rollercoaster (crave, binge, crash, repeat). 
  • Reduces inflammation—  one of the leading causes of rapid aging and disease. You’ll feel less puffy and your skin will start to glow!
  • Boosts Energy Levels and Mood- when you swap sugar for real foods, you’ll find yourself happier & healthier with energy levels that last all day (no caffeine necessary)!
  • Balances Hormones— excess sugar messes with our hunger hormones, and can lead to insulin resistance and adrenal fatigue. 
  • Turns on Fat Burning— so you can stop relying on sugar for faux energy and instead burn fat for fuel! 
  • Prevents Disease— diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease can all be linked back to over-consumption of sugar and inflammatory foods. Remember, food is medicine. 

NOTE: This is NOT a deprivation diet, it is a 10 day system reboot followed by a 10 day transition phase and a guide into your more blissful lifestyle. This is the jumpstart you need to take back control of cravings and to start living a life free from restriction, binges and guilt! 

What does your Sexy Sugar Cleanse include? 

  • Vegan & Vegetarian OR Meat-Eater Sugar Cleanse E-Book
  • Sexy Sugar Cleanse Shopping Guide & Swap Outs Lists
  • 5 Day Prep Phase
  • Phase 1-3 Detailed Food Guides, Meal Guidelines and Education
  • Supplement Recommendations, Dosages & Links
  • Detox Tips & Tricks
  • Self-Care Recommendations & Exercises
  • Grocery Shopping Hacks
  • Reintroduction Food Log
  • Food & Mood Journal
  • 5 Day Sample Meal Plan
  • Eating Out Advice
  • Rad Resources (podcasts, books, services)
  • Custom Pinterest Board with Approved Recipes + Products
  • Private Facebook group for support & accountability

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