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What's my story? 

My obsession with my weight began in high school when my best friend and I saved up all our lunch money to buy diet pills & the “As Seen on TV” electronic ab belt – and continued throughout college where I became so addicted to crash dieting that I would literally count calories in my sleep!

Over the years, I tried everything from Atkins to Intermittent Fasting to the Master Cleanse and back—ultimately losing and gaining 40 pounds several different times. I tried weight loss supplements, injected myself with HCG shots and even restricted my calories to 1,200/day. Sure, I lost weight, but I also lost my ability to relax and enjoy being in the moment. I was constantly thinking about food and planning out my day according to what I could eat and when I could exercise. I remember having several meltdowns when I went above my calorie “limit” and when I felt pressured to “have a bite of dessert” or go out for a glass of wine. What’s worse, it became increasingly difficult to maintain my weight (even when I was eating well) because the yo-yo dieting had thrown off my metabolism & disrupted my hormones as well.

It wasn’t until after I met my husband and went on an adventure to teach English in South Korea, that I found my most blissful self.  I began eating more plants, stopped counting calories, found workouts that I enjoyed and allowed myself to have a bite of dessert and a few glasses of wine when I wanted to! I began to loosen up and enjoy life, and even though I still had ups and downs, I was finally learning how to be my best me.

Eventually, I moved to LA and started a career in event production and marketing.  While I loved the thrill, I grew resentful of the long hours, constant state of stress and inability to find balance and enjoy my life! At this point, I was maintaining my weight, but began developing debilitating migraine headaches that made it impossible to go to work. Desperate for a solution, I visited several doctors who not only minimized my struggle, but sent me home with heavy-duty painkillers that ended up actually fueling and intensifying the problem!

After weeks without relief, I decided to take matters into my own hands—putting myself on a holistic eating plan and completely ridding my system of prescription medications. It was at this point that I realized the extent to which our lifestyles and decisions around food are interconnected, and I decided to quit my job to pursue a career as a health coach.

Today I’m free from diets, migraines and marketing— and I’ve never been happier! All my ups and downs led me to create a more balanced life filled with real foods that taste amazing and exercise that's always enjoyable. It's been years since I lost 40lbs and broke FREE from restriction, and I can’t wait to share this BLISS with you! 

Would you like to join me?