Welcome to Body Bliss by Jess!

With 2017, came a refreshing clean start and the opportunity to make LIFE really happen. I made the incredible decision to get certified as a Holistic Health Coach and set out on a journey to level up the lives of those who truly deserve it! Almost a year ago, I took a leap of faith and left my career in digital marketing to pursue this beautiful land of healthy living and I've never been more confident or proud of any decision. My mission is to open the eyes of others to a world that is full of multi-colors (you can still taste the rainbow!), free of artificial things (and yes that includes people), abundant in flavor, void of ever using the four letter word D-I-E-T, boundless in energy, open to new experiences, and so much more fun than you could ever imagine!

Check-in with me here for my favorite tips & tricks, delicious recipes, encouragement, words of wisdom, interesting articles, controversial health topics, and everything in-between. I would LOVE to build my content based on your interests and curiosities so please feel free to post your questions and ideas for new topics or simply say hello. Let's do this Body Blisser's!