Green With Envy Salmon Snack Wraps!

Does this sound familiar? It's about 3pm and you've hit the dreaded midday slump and you're lethargic, hangry and irritable! It's the point of the day when you either pour yourself yet another cup of coffee or reach for the closest (not always healthiest) snack. Oh, and if someone has brought cookies or cupcakes to the office, it's game oveeeer. If you're getting annoyed just reading this, I promise I'm not just writing this to call you out (because I have been there) but rather to provide you with a delicious and super satisfying upgrade! My Green With Envy Salmon Snack Wraps only take is 5 mins to prep the night before work so you can pop into a tupperware and pack with you to work. And the best part? They're loaded with healthy omega 3 fats, protein, fiber and greens to keep you satisfied, boost your energy levels and keep your blood sugar levels from spiking so you can finish the day on a productive and positive note! Plus, collard greens are an insane source of plant protein, fiber and antioxidants! Ready for the recipe?? 


2 Collard Greens Wrap (Choose leaves that are large, flat and sturdy) 

1/2 Can Wild Caught Salmon-- season with lemon juice, teaspoon extra virgin olive oil salt, pepper and favorite seasonings like basil and cilantro! 

1/2 Tablespoon Primal Kitchen Chipotle Lime Mayo

2-3 Green Beans cut in half

3-4 Strips Watermelon or Red Radish for crunch! 

1/4 Avocado

Small handful spinach

Himalayan Salt to taste


1. First you'll want to prep your two wraps by de-stemming each collard green. Flip the leaf over so that the side with the prominent spine is facing up. Using a paring knife, carefully start to shave off the spine, starting near the bottom, where it begins to protrude most and being careful not to cut too deep so you avoid cutting a hole in the leaf (I've done this plenty of times when I was moving too quickly but if you slow down it only takes about 30 seconds per leaf). 

2. Separate your toppings in half and with stem side up, start by laying a few leaves of spinach on the right side of each wrap and spread with your chipotle mayo.

3. Lay toppings vertically on top of the mayo-- green beans, radish, avocado and seasoned salmon.

4. Fold the top and bottom flaps of the collard leaf toward the center. Fold the side closer to the filling over the filling (kind of like a burrito). HERE is a great tutorial on wrapping collard greens if you need more visuals to guide you!

5. Slice the wrapped collard green on the diagonal and wrap tightly in foil or saran wrap to pack up for your snack or lunch on the go! 

Let me know how you like these wraps and feel free to add any other veggies you enjoy like sliced carrots, cucumbers, peppers and mushrooms! If you're vegan or vegetarian, swap out the salmon for GMO- free organic tofu or seasoned chickpeas with Tahini or hummus. If you don't eat fish, try some organic chicken. There are options for everyone! ENJOY 😊