Get After Your Greens Smoothie Bowl

My smoothie bowls are like dessert for breakfast except that they're hormone balancing, energy boosting and satiating for up to 5 hours! 💪

This morning I experimented with a new vegan vanilla protein powder by Smart Pressed Juice and was pleasantly surprised. 😍 A lot of protein powders out there are flavorless, chalky or just boooooring and loaded with whey, sugar and inflammatory fillers. This one includes simple organic ingredients like pea, cranberry and hemp protein, superfoods like chia and maca and my fav 0 glycemic sweetners, monkfruit and stevia! 🙌

There's 16 grams of protein and lots of fiber to turn off hunger hormones and keep you full without the it tastes bomb! 💃💃 I mixed this with their organic pressed greens powder which is filled with farm fresh veggies, herbs and a cold-pressed green grass blend!

Get After Your Greens Smoothie Bowl

1.5 cups unsweetened coconut milk + 1/2 cup water .
1 cup mix of frozen spinach & cauliflower

3-4 frozen coconut chunks from TJ's 

Smart Pressed Juice vanilla vegan proteingreens mix 🌱🌿

Blend & top with whatever you like! I did pecan butter, frozen blueb's, chia seeds, cacao nibs & NUCO - Coconuts For Life grain-free cereal! 😋