Matcha- The Triple Threat!

So I’ve got to admit Matcha is “on trend” right now and with trends come a lot of variations on that trend. You can find Matcha latte’s in every other coffee shop in LA including Starbucks but let’s get something right, not all Matcha is created equal. Not even close!


I originally found out about Matcha when I developed terrible migraines and realized one of my triggers had been the 2-3 giant cups of coffee I had been consuming every morning before work. As part of my therapy to getting well (this will be it’s own post), I decided to find an alternative to my morning love that would still give me a boost while satisfying that craving for something warm and sweet. 

I’ll be honest, my first “intro” was a taste of Starbucks green tea latte which tasted SO delicious but when I researched the ingredients, I found out it contained 32 grams of sugar in a grande (more than the amount recommended for a woman in an ENTIRE day)! Plus, their “Matcha blend” doesn’t even contain real matcha and the first ingredient is sugar…anything to make a buck right StarBUCKs… 😉

SO after google searching “Best Matcha in LA” more times than I like to admit, I stumbled upon this gem Matcha Bar on a date day with the hubs last year in Silver Lake and was hooked…they even have a Pumpkin Spice variation that they’re keeping on the menu because it’s so popular! 

Oh and btw, they use Ceremonial Grade ALL day-  This is the kind of Matcha  meant to be consumed in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony and contains all of the caffeine and L-theanine that makes it so powerful! 

Pro Tip: When you order a Matcha at a coffee shop, ask for it unsweetened as many places will add syrup or use a milk loaded with cane sugar! 


Antioxidants to keep you twerking! Matcha is naturally one of the most concentrated sources of antioxidants on the planet! You want these “good guy” as your bodies line of defense against rapid aging, and inflammation as well as to help with blood sugar balance, cholesterol levels and even metabolism! 

L-theanine is such a boss babe! This amazing amino acid is celebrated for its super chill effects on the mind…seriously! Have you ever noticed how coffee can make you feel anxious? On the contrary, Matcha can ease the brain and make you feel less hectic which is pretty necessary in the age of always being on the go, never taking it slow.  Right?

Caffeine that won’t crack you out before you crash! The caffeine in Matcha bonds to larger plant molecules, bumping up the time it takes for the caffeine to break down in the bloodstream. So what does this mean? Prolonged, steady stream energy instead of the quick burst and crash that you get from coffee and energy drinks…thus the mile long line at Starbucks at 3pm! 

This is how the caffeine content stacks up against to other alternatives: 

MATCHA 80mg/ cup

GREEN TEA: 25-40mg/cup

ESPRESSO: 90-100mg/shot

RED BULL: 80mg per can

COFFEE: 120-150+/cup

Pretty impressive huh?!

So what am I trying to say? The Matcha Triple Threat (caffeine, antioxidants, and L-theanine) is what your bod needs for better, more badass energy! And, if you want to buy an amazing brand online to make your own lattes, my absolute fav is Matchaful which you can get for 15% with my code BodyBliss15.  Enjoy!