The Probiotic Predicament + The Activo Solution!

If your gut feeling is that you should prooobabaly be taking probiotic, I’d listen up! 😉 Admittedly, the whole process of shopping for a probiotic can be so overwhelming you may just say screw it and move. I mean short of having a nutritionist shop with you or having hours to compare and contrast brands on google, the probiotics predicament is REAL. 

Ok, so listen up! Here’s the down and dirty on why your gut deserves these goods and how to pick a legit probiotic like Activo! I’m also going to touch on the benefits of throwing a bag of digestive enzymes in your purse (or pockets) when you’re out on the town enjoying a little more yang than yin if you know what I mean 🍷🍕😉

Read on to learn about the benefits of investing a little mula into your probiotic and what sets Activo apart from the hundreds of overwhelming brands on the shelves! Hint: It’s shelf stable (18 months guaranteed live bacteria) and can survive the journey through harsh stomach acid for 10-12 hours!


Probiotics are the bacteria that line your digestive tract and support your body’s ability to absorb nutrients and fight infection. Did you know there are 10 times more probiotics in your gut than cells in your body?! Dayum! And just to blow your mind even further, 80% of your immune system is located in your gut…so no wonder you’re much more susceptible to catching the flu after a weekend of late nights and champagne glass clinking! 

From the moment we’re put on the planet probiotics populate our system, but over time, and through certain diet & lifestyle factors, we tend to screw with the balance of good to bad bacteria creating a dysbiosis of the gut. Some of the most common contributors to this imbalance include:

  • Overconsumption of sugar (It’s in 80% of all food products in the store and the average American consumes about 150 lbs of it per year— see my Sexy Sugar Cleanse if you’re interested in giving your system a reboot!) 
  • Overuse of antibiotics both taken orally and injected into our foods (the reason it’s SO important to opt for hormone-free dairy and grass-fed beef etc.)
  • Emotional stress caused by breakups, job changes, and our faced-paced society!
  • Chemicals that sneak their way into our food, beauty products, household cleaners and the air we breath! 
  • GMO foods that have been genetically modified to increase yield and lower production costs!

Over time, this gut dysbiosis can lead to side effects like severe digestive disorders, candida, autoimmune disease, skin problems, and way more colds and flus than necessary. 

By adding a reliable probiotic into your daily routine, you can reap the benefits of: 

  • A stronger immune system which means fewer sick days!
  • Improved digestion so you stop feeling so bloated and actually absorb the nutrients from your food
  • Increased energy from vitamin B12 production— we can all use a little of that! 
  • Healthier, more glowing skin-- heck yes!
  • Healing of Leaky Gut and IBS so you can stop feeling so shitty...amma right?
  • Weight loss support by keeping things moving…if you know what I mean!


  • Patented BIO-Tract technology which enables each beadlet to be released slowly throughout your digestive tract, giving you 10-12 hours of good, live bacteria populating your large and small intestines and surpassing harsh stomach acid!
  • Shelf-stable which I LOVE! There’s a lot of press that says probiotics need to be refrigerated but what about the fact that you have no idea how long those probiotics have been left out in transport to Whole Foods or your Amazon delivery?! I always look for a shelf-stable probiotic meaning you can be sure that the beneficial organisms are alive when you take them (18 months guaranteed) and that they’ll survive the journey through your stomach - giving you the full benefits that  are the very reason you’re taking them to begin with!
  • More Probiotic Strains! A higher CFU count (i.e. 50 + billion) doesn’t always mean a better quality product. Activo’s Pure Life Sustained Release Probiotics contain 16 different  probiotic  strains (most don’t come close). Including multiple strains of bacteria gives you a larger spectrum of support for overall health which is pretty important wouldn’t cha say? 


I’ll save the digestive enzyme chit-chat for another post but bottom line: you aren’t just what you eat, you are what you digest! 

Digestive enzymes are proteins we all produce that help our bodies chemically break down the food we eat into smaller, absorbable parts. But if we don’t have enough digestive enzymes (some of us have more than others), the harder our bodies have to work to break everything down— which can often mean bloating and stomach aches, eek! Certain foods like dairy and gluten are notoriously harder to break down so in situations when we know we may be popping a few extra bottles or enjoying a little more cheese on the charcuterie board than the average day, a good bottle of Digestive Enzymes can help support you and your ability to enjoy the party and hop back on track the following day or even better, before you go to sleep!

Disclaimer: This is not an excuse for an all out binge because trust me, you’ll still feel pretty icky (and not just physically), but it is a great tool to have in your toolkit because let’s be honest, life happens and so do decadent dinners!

Interested in trying Activo Probiotics and/or Digestive Enzymes? Simply pop on over to their website to purchase HERE. You can also enter their AMAZING giveaway which includes so many goodies you'll just have to see for yourself HERE. 

Hope you found this post helpful and would love for you to reach out to me with any questions, comments or just to say hi! Here's to a happy gut 

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